Sara Battaglia


Fashion Designer

Shapes, creativity, inventive experimentation and fabrics have always been part of Sara Battaglia’s world. Growing up surrounded by arty siblings and parents –her sister being a fashion editor, her brothers an art dealer and a prop stylist, and her mother a sculptor – it came as no surprise when she decided to found her eponymous lines of handbags.

She was only 6 when she created her first bag by handcrafting a piece of fabric stolen from her mother. Not yet a teenager, she enjoyed organizing mock fashion shows and sewing clothes for her Barbie dolls. One day, while discussing “Diary of a genius”, she famously said, “Daddy, I know what I want to do when I grow up. I want to be Salvador Dalì”.

Design and fashion have always been both her constant obsessions and passions, so that soon after attending the art school, she started to work for an accessories fashion house, where she developed the pivotal expertise and skills to pursue her most precious challenge.

Continuously and tiressly divided between her independent project and the numerous collaborations with important Italian fashion brands, Sara always works side by side with craftsmen, inside the laboratories and workshops, where she feels able to express her aesthetic and vision, reaching the perfection of that special idea in that particular moment.

One-of-a-kind shapes, plush leathers, graphic lifts and sophisticated symphonies of color blends are exquisitely enhanced by luxurious hardware details that often reflect Sara’s long-lasting love for brass. On top of that, fringes of different length are an authentic signature of her handbags: feminine and glamorous accents, swinging and floating around the silhouette for a refined yet seductive statement.

Far more than an exterior sign of style, in her vision handbags are, above all, an exaltation of the female form; essential staples which not only complement the womens’ look but also highlight their charm and grace. Sara flawlessly portrays these values through her creations, drawing inspiration from the allure of the divas from bygone eras, whom she recalls and depicts in her unique stories of timeless elegance and beauty.